Creative Miracles - Burn Victim

Ryan's aunt gives a testimony of her nephews recovery below. What she did not include is that he was the chef on duty at Outback Steakhouse in Savannah,GA the night a vehicle crashed through the wall of the kitchen causing grease to fly and a portion of the roof to cave in.

Several people were injured severely. Prior to being airlifted to Augusta's burn center due to the severity of his injuries, Ryan managed to remove one of his co-workers from the rubble and bring them to safety. He was placed on a ventilator at the hospital and is still in the process of recovering. 

"On February 16th my nephew Ryan was involved in the Outback incident in which he was burned severely. My sister Darlene and I went to see him at the burn center in Augusta on Feb. 23, his burn was so severe that we could not recognize his ear on the right side. We knew that an ear was supposed to be there but it was so imbedded within his head. All everyone was praying for was that God will do a creative miracle. When we went to see him on our second visit of the same day Darlene walked into his room and stopped, then she told me to look as well and all I could say was ooh we got an ear!!! His ear was restored. All Glory to God. Over the period of time God is still doing creative miracles in Ryan. Just recently in five day he want from blisters on his scalp to a beautiful head full of hair. God is good all the time."


"We have struggled with infertility for almost four years. That's why when we finally did get pregnant, it was crippling and devastating to turn around 3 short weeks later and have a miscarriage.

Fast forward 12 months to this past June. We were finally meeting with a highly recommended infertility specialist in Savannah. We were thrilled to get started, not really thinking that we would need anything drastic to begin the process. However, that joy quickly diminished as the doctor went over our lab results. We both had major factors contributing to our infertility. We were told that we only had a 2-5% chance that the treatments would work. However, our only other option was IVF, which got us up to a 65% chance. However, it's extremely expensive and we thought we wouldn't be able to afford it. We asked about waiting to save money for IVF, but once again it was highly discouraged since many of my levels that they measured were already a bad sign. We found out that there were loan options for IVF, so we quickly started filling them out and got approved! We'd be broke but at least we would have a chance at a baby.

Now, fast forward to Sunday and Pastor Datha was on a roll with her sermon and it was tugging at my heart. When she told us to open our mouth and speak what we needed from the Lord, I was scared to death to say what I really wanted...I wanted to get pregnant but not through IVF. I opened my mouth and for some weird reason I said, "Lord, I want to be pregnant before August 27th." I have no idea where that date came from but I knew if God were to do it, it would mean we would be getting pregnant without IVF (since I wasn't supposed to start the IVF process until this past week). I didn't tell a soul what I had prayed, I didn't want to be hurt if it didn't happen.

I had my first appointment for blood work and an ultrasound before starting IVF. They took my blood and everything looked good. The nurse said she would call once they got my blood work and then they'd call in my prescription. I went on home and started my usual homework routine. Then, at 2pm I got a call, but it was from the head nurse. I was confused and answered, "hello." She responded, "Hello this is Christa over at the infertility clinic. I just wanted to let you know we won't need to be starting you on any medication...
because you're already pregnant."

I collapsed on the floor...

God answered, Yahweh, the Almighty answered...I'm pregnant...without IVF and before August 27th!!!!!!! We were given a 2-5% chance but we were pregnant and He had given me her name!!! But God even went a step further...after freaking out in excitement with my husband once he got home, we really began looking back over the situation and how God's hand was in it. All of the sudden my husband got a questioning look on his face. He asked, "How far along are you?" Me: "The nurse guessed 4 weeks." He immediately looked at the date and said,

"Do you realize this means that the same week we had been told that we had practically no chance of having a baby on our own...we got pregnant." 

I'm so glad Pastor Datha had us speak out loud in because God certainly did move on our behalf in that moment. Thank You Jesus!"

*This couple is due to have their baby March 23rd. The dad is currently deployed. Believe with us that he will be able to come home just in time for the birth of his baby! 

I am healed!

"Last week, I had a bladder infection that was causing me some pain.  Saturday night, before Sundays service I could not sleep at all because of the amount of pain I was in. I had already taken all of the antibiotics that were supposed to have cured the infection so I was battling fear that it had spread to my kidneys. In the middle of the night I was thinking I cannot wait for this night to be over with so I can be in church.

During the 11am service the spirit of God was healing people throughout the entire place. I did not feel led to go down and get hands laid on me but our pastors encouraged us to receive what we needed from God even if our situation wasn't specifically called out! I said out loud, "whatever is going on with my body I receive my healing." 

After service the pain actually grew stronger but I continued to believe and confess that "I was healed." This morning (Monday morning) The pain in my sides is gone. My energy has returned. I AM HEALED! "

Healing of the Kidneys

"I first want to thank God for being in a Church with leaders that can hear the voice of God. A few weeks ago, Pastor Datha was led to pray for my kidneys, ( I had a kidney transplant seven years ago); but I was not aware of any issues. About a week later, both Pastor Datha and Pastor Lisa were ministering to people who had health issues that involved monitoring numbers. There were so many people blessed by that prophetic word ! To make a long story short, I received two more prophetic words about my health, and again, I was not aware of an issue. Pastor Datha also told me that she was believing God for a Creative Miracle for me. Fast forward another week and it was time for a scheduled Doctor's appointment, that was preceded by the usual labs. My doctor began to ask me lots of questions, and I have known him for a while, so I figured something was going on. He finally told me that the lab numbers were off, and my kidney function was abnormal. Because of the awesomeness of my God, I am confident that all is well !! Due to the transplant I have to take immunosuppressive drugs three times a day, and these drugs (like all drugs) can cause many other issues. Last week, I felt led to start quoting healing scriptures out loud three times a day. We had an amazing service on this past Sunday, and experienced a powerful move of God. On Monday, I noticed the first sign of a physical change in my body. Praise God !! You see, I am believing God for a Creative Miracle. Mark 10:27 With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible."


Healing in the lungs

"On first Wednesday when Pastor Lisa called for people that needed healing in their bodies I did not walk up I almost ran I knew in my Heart this was God calling me  to be healed. Pastor Lisa had already prayed for me concerning my Pulmonary Embolism a couple of moths earlier and I knew that moment I would never have another one.

I was still having problems breathing when I walked to far, even grocery shopping was a chore.  Well as soon as Pastor Lisa placed her Hands on me it was like a wave of oxygen flooded my lungs. To be honest I waited to say anything to anyone due to wanting to make sure i was not imagining this but 2 week later I can still take a deep breath and it does not hurt and my lungs are full." 

Pain is Gone

"Friday morning I was laying in bed about to get up and go pray. All of a sudden I started having severe abdominal pain. I haven’t felt pain like that since child labor. I started thinking what in the world is going on. And then the words that I should say came up out of me Out of my Spirit. I plead the blood of Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus!!! Now I was thinking to say a healing scripture. I never plead the blood for healing before but that came out of my Spirit instead. As I said it the pain went away. Every time I said it the pain subsided more and more. I got up pain free, Praise God!!! God is amazing!!!"

God is Healer

We are beginning a blog as a way for you to share all God is doing in your life and also be encouraged by others. The testimonies below were submitted just this week. Make sure to share a story of God's goodness in your life to help impact the lives of others. 

I no longer have pain in my body
my tooth that had become loose and my swollen gums are healed
I had vision issues from an old head injury where lights would appear when my eyes would look to the side. No more issues. My vision is clear.