"We have struggled with infertility for almost four years. That's why when we finally did get pregnant, it was crippling and devastating to turn around 3 short weeks later and have a miscarriage.

Fast forward 12 months to this past June. We were finally meeting with a highly recommended infertility specialist in Savannah. We were thrilled to get started, not really thinking that we would need anything drastic to begin the process. However, that joy quickly diminished as the doctor went over our lab results. We both had major factors contributing to our infertility. We were told that we only had a 2-5% chance that the treatments would work. However, our only other option was IVF, which got us up to a 65% chance. However, it's extremely expensive and we thought we wouldn't be able to afford it. We asked about waiting to save money for IVF, but once again it was highly discouraged since many of my levels that they measured were already a bad sign. We found out that there were loan options for IVF, so we quickly started filling them out and got approved! We'd be broke but at least we would have a chance at a baby.

Now, fast forward to Sunday and Pastor Datha was on a roll with her sermon and it was tugging at my heart. When she told us to open our mouth and speak what we needed from the Lord, I was scared to death to say what I really wanted...I wanted to get pregnant but not through IVF. I opened my mouth and for some weird reason I said, "Lord, I want to be pregnant before August 27th." I have no idea where that date came from but I knew if God were to do it, it would mean we would be getting pregnant without IVF (since I wasn't supposed to start the IVF process until this past week). I didn't tell a soul what I had prayed, I didn't want to be hurt if it didn't happen.

I had my first appointment for blood work and an ultrasound before starting IVF. They took my blood and everything looked good. The nurse said she would call once they got my blood work and then they'd call in my prescription. I went on home and started my usual homework routine. Then, at 2pm I got a call, but it was from the head nurse. I was confused and answered, "hello." She responded, "Hello this is Christa over at the infertility clinic. I just wanted to let you know we won't need to be starting you on any medication...
because you're already pregnant."

I collapsed on the floor...

God answered, Yahweh, the Almighty answered...I'm pregnant...without IVF and before August 27th!!!!!!! We were given a 2-5% chance but we were pregnant and He had given me her name!!! But God even went a step further...after freaking out in excitement with my husband once he got home, we really began looking back over the situation and how God's hand was in it. All of the sudden my husband got a questioning look on his face. He asked, "How far along are you?" Me: "The nurse guessed 4 weeks." He immediately looked at the date and said,

"Do you realize this means that the same week we had been told that we had practically no chance of having a baby on our own...we got pregnant." 

I'm so glad Pastor Datha had us speak out loud in because God certainly did move on our behalf in that moment. Thank You Jesus!"

*This couple is due to have their baby March 23rd. The dad is currently deployed. Believe with us that he will be able to come home just in time for the birth of his baby!