I am healed!

"Last week, I had a bladder infection that was causing me some pain.  Saturday night, before Sundays service I could not sleep at all because of the amount of pain I was in. I had already taken all of the antibiotics that were supposed to have cured the infection so I was battling fear that it had spread to my kidneys. In the middle of the night I was thinking I cannot wait for this night to be over with so I can be in church.

During the 11am service the spirit of God was healing people throughout the entire place. I did not feel led to go down and get hands laid on me but our pastors encouraged us to receive what we needed from God even if our situation wasn't specifically called out! I said out loud, "whatever is going on with my body I receive my healing." 

After service the pain actually grew stronger but I continued to believe and confess that "I was healed." This morning (Monday morning) The pain in my sides is gone. My energy has returned. I AM HEALED! "