Healing of the Kidneys

"I first want to thank God for being in a Church with leaders that can hear the voice of God. A few weeks ago, Pastor Datha was led to pray for my kidneys, ( I had a kidney transplant seven years ago); but I was not aware of any issues. About a week later, both Pastor Datha and Pastor Lisa were ministering to people who had health issues that involved monitoring numbers. There were so many people blessed by that prophetic word ! To make a long story short, I received two more prophetic words about my health, and again, I was not aware of an issue. Pastor Datha also told me that she was believing God for a Creative Miracle for me. Fast forward another week and it was time for a scheduled Doctor's appointment, that was preceded by the usual labs. My doctor began to ask me lots of questions, and I have known him for a while, so I figured something was going on. He finally told me that the lab numbers were off, and my kidney function was abnormal. Because of the awesomeness of my God, I am confident that all is well !! Due to the transplant I have to take immunosuppressive drugs three times a day, and these drugs (like all drugs) can cause many other issues. Last week, I felt led to start quoting healing scriptures out loud three times a day. We had an amazing service on this past Sunday, and experienced a powerful move of God. On Monday, I noticed the first sign of a physical change in my body. Praise God !! You see, I am believing God for a Creative Miracle. Mark 10:27 With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible."