How You Can Be Led by the Spirit: Chapters 18-20

So far we have learned that the Holy Spirit leads us by:

1. the inward witness which is that still small voice (conscience) within us

2. speaking directly to our spirit. Hagin explains it as an, “authoritative voice from inside of you. It is so strong, it is almost audible.”

I can remember when Pastor Kempie came to me wanting us to have one more baby, a little girl. Now you have to remember that I had to believe God for each of my children. That is why there is 6 years between each of them. My first thought was there is no way I am going to go through that again. First, I am too old (I was 36). Second, the financial burden was too big. Third, it was too emotional. I gave God and Kempie all the excuses for why this wasn’t going to happen.

BUT GOD! During a Sunday service while I was worshipping, I heard a voice. It was so clear and loud I swore it was audible, “With supernatural increase is there financial difficulty?” I said, “No Sir”. He responded, “Have her, I will take care of you.” I just started crying and I leaned over to Kempie and said, “We can have her.”

We did and God did! No fertility drugs and no waiting. The doctor was so surprised, he said, “How is this possible?” All things are possible with God! Then, as soon as I left the doctors office I began to bleed. I remembered what God said. We reminded Satan that she would not be born before her time. We continued to believe God’s Word. She was born on her due date, beautiful and healthy.

John 14:26 and John 16:13 tells us that the Holy Spirit will:

  • guide us into all truth

  • lead us

  • speak only what He hears

  • show us things to come

  • teach us

  • bring all things to our remembrance

With the Holy Spirit, how can we go wrong, how can we quit? When people are telling us anything opposite to what the Word says let’s respond like Hagin did, “……But I know Jesus, and I know the Spirit of God. I know what He said to me!”

I want to encourage you to know Him and know His Word. Don’t seek voices because the enemy will accommodate you. God will speak to you through His Word and through your spirit.

Can’t wait to hear your story! Make sure to post in the facebook group and share something that stuck out to you during these chapters. Where is this taking you in God’s Word? How you is your spirit man being strengthened. Your comments in the group will help encourage others to dive into this study. Thanks for following along!

Love you,

Pastor Lisa