How You Can Be Led by the Spirit : Chapters 14-17

“Many times, if we would have waited, God would have shown us. We could have avoided many things. But let’s not moan and groan about past failures. Let’s just take advantage of what is ours and see to it that it doesn’t happen again. We can do nothing about what is past anyhow. Let’s begin to develop our spirits, and learn to listen to them.” - p. 60

It is imperative to our lives and the lives around us that we continue to develop our spirit man! I know many of you have stories of either listening to that inward witness and/or missing His leading, however, today is a new day!

You are the temple of the Holy Ghost. How amazing is that? If He is dwelling within us than He will surely speak to us. It’s our job to be sensitive and ready for Him to speak. We cannot be sensitive to His voice without becoming dependent on Him.

Hagin explains on page 66, “ I listened to my spirit. Faith is of the spirit. Your faith will not work to its fullest until you learn some of these things. Learn to depend on Him — the One who is in you. Learn to develop your own spirit. Have faith in the fact that your faith in God works!”

When we are facing a challenge whether big or small, what or who do we depend on? A great way to test yourself is to think about a recent challenge you have faced — who was the first opinion you sought? What voice did you follow? Who’s voice carried the greatest value? Was it your opinion, the opinion of others, or the leading of the Holy Ghost?

The Spirit itself [Himself] beareth witness with our spirit...”
— Romans 8:16

Being dependent on God and being sensitive to His spirit has absolutely nothing to do with how we feel about our lives or circumstances. We cannot understand or discern for ourselves or our situation by our feelings. We must understand ourselves as born-again, Spirit-filled Christians by what the Word of God says about us! I love how Hagin describes Christians who are led by their feelings as yo-yo Christians. One day they are on the mountain top and the next day they are in the valley. If we are being led by the spirit, everyday we should be on the mountain top!

I hope you are enjoying this book as much as I am and that you are encouraged to dive into God’s Word and develop your spirit man like never before! Increase your time with Him this week and become more dependent on Him.


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Love you,

Pastor Lisa