How You Can Be Led by the Spirit: Chapters 21-22

Many times when we are trying to hear the voice of God we second guess everything. Is it just me or is it God? The real question Hagin asks is, “which me? The body, the soul, or the spirit me?”. It really shouldn’t take us long to figure out which one it is. If you are not sure, ask yourself , “Is it good, is it in line with the Word?” If you can answer yes to these questions, then go for it!

If you allow your flesh to dominate you, you will continue to miss it, if you continue to let your natural mind dominate you, and do not get your mind renewed with the Word. you will continue to miss it. p. 98

I don’t enjoy missing it. There is always a mess to clean up or a delay in the promise coming to pass. I want to be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit that I quickly obey, quickly make a change, and quickly repent. As we become more aware of the Spirit and yielding to Him, we can learn how to better cooperate with Him. Remember the mission God gave Ezekiel, God measured his success not with how many responded but with obedience.

What is God saying to you this week?

Pastor Lisa