Growing Up Spiritually: Chapters 1 & 2

Over the next 8 weeks we are going to grow up. We have learned how to be led by the Spirit, listening and being led by the Spirit should result in growth.

Yesterday, we learned from Ezekiel that how deep we go with God is up to us. God invited us to get off the bank and jump in the river! It is a picture of total surrender to God but also a picture of growing up spiritually. It doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process. Give yourself grace as you take this journey of growing up!

“Babies are easily frustrated, easily distracted, easily hurt”

Characteristics of a baby

  1. Innocence: Brand new, washed clean in the blood of Jesus, no past.

  2. Ignorance: Because you have no foundation in the Word, you can fall prey to false teaching. (Stay with the people you know)

  3. Irritability: Always wanting someone to pray for you, beg you to come to church, and bottled feed you.

“We aught to grow enough spiritually so that instead of someone else having to come and visit us, pump us up, prop us up, pray with us, and feed us, we are able to be out helping others ourselves, when weaning time comes, we aught to thank god for it!” - Page 18

No matter what stage you’re in — remain teachable. Believe me, none of us will ever arrive at a place where we can stop growing. We can always grow more and more towards perfection.

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Pastor Lisa