How You Can Be Led by the Spirit: Chapter 29

For if I am praying in a tongue, my spirit is engaged in prayer but I have no clear understanding of what is being said. So here’s what I’ve concluded. I will pray in the Spirit, but I will also pray with my mind engaged. I will sing rapturous praises in the Spirit, but I will also sing with my mind engaged.
— 1 Corinthians 14:14-15

We are a spirit being and God has given us one of the greatest gifts, the ability to pray in tongues. The gift of praying the mind and the will of the Father. The ability to pray beyond our physical senses, our emotions, and even our will. Praying in tongues is something we should do every single day. That is how we train our spirit, it is how we become more confident in hearing the Father speak.

Get out of the sense realm. Get out of the flesh realm. Get out of the human reasoning realm.

Get over into the faith realm. Faith is of the spirit - and that’s where great things happen! p.150

I have been so thankful for this book! As we finish up with the last chapter, let’s see how much we have grown during these last few weeks by revisiting the characteristics of a spirit-filled life from the introduction.

  1. Do we have a song in our hearts?

  2. Do we give thanks?

  3. Do we listen to others?

Thank you to all of you that have followed along through this book! I pray that it has blessed you as much as it has me. Please share this week on the group wall a little bit about how this book has helped you grow spiritually.

I’m looking forward to our next book that we will jump into the first Monday in November, two weeks from today. Be looking out on our facebook group for details!

Love you,

Pastor Lisa