The New Kind of Love: Chapters 15 &16

Love is your nature!

We as children of God have a new nature and that nature is love. That new nature drives out selfishness and allows us to love others the way we should. When you believe in Jesus, you have believed in love. Jesus never fails, love never fails!

With the love of Jesus in you, you will never fail. Love is the solution, the answer to every problem you face if you allow love to have its way. As we allow love to have its way we transform. Our actions are filled with love, our words are filled with love, and the recipient feels that love.

It is hard to love hypocrites. But Jesus did it, and you can do it. He loved Judas when he sat at the table, and He knew that Judas had already planned to sell Him for thirty pieces of silver.

He love the man who drove the nails in His hands. - p.62

Allow love to have its way in you this season and watch God transform the very people around you. Allow love to have its way in you and watch God transform your home, your marriage, and your children.