The New Kind of Love: Chapters 13 & 14

Love will win in your case.

It’s our human nature to take things in our own hands. If we are upset, angry, or hurt our emotions begin to speak loudly and we want to react. But God is calling us to live by love. Love is constantly compelling us to do things that we don’t feel like doing. These chapters do a great job explaining this law of love God has given us.

Have you ever heard this expression, “I gave him what was coming to him. He can’t run over me and get away with it”? That is not love talking. Love would have suffered in silence. Love would never answer a word. When they had Jesus on trial, it is said that “He answered not a word.” That was the Jesus way. That was the love way. They accused Jesus of many things, but He was silent. Love won in the resurrection, didn’t it? Love will win your case. - page 54

We have to remember that our mind and emotions must be trained to respond in love. It isn’t natural! This is spiritual. It’s not that Jesus didn’t do anything but He allowed God to have the last word in the situation. He didn’t react with His emotions in the heat of the battle. He was patient and He chose love above all else and who was the winner? Love will win in your case too!

If a man love me, he will keep my word: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our home with him.”
— John 14:23

This love challenge wasn’t just for the month of November. It should something we choose every single day! Let’s love like Jesus loved today!


Pastor Lisa