The New Kind of Love: Chapters 11 & 12

The Jesus kind of love is so powerful. As we are making a conscious effort to know this love and to walk in this love we will begin to see changes happening in every area of our lives. Our home and our work place should begin to feel different as we choose to set an atmosphere of love. People will begin to notice this Jesus-kind of love that is bursting at the seams!

“Now the hour has come when love must have it’s place. Society is going to break under the strain. Anarchy is going to reign. Do you know what anarchy is? It is selfishness without restraint. It is the absence of God. It is man attempting to solve life’s problems and leaving God out of his reckoning.” - page 46

We have society’s answer! The Jesus-kind of love that doesn’t love according to our flesh but loves out of the abundance of our spirit. This week let’s take a love inventory. Focus on how you are responding to people and situations and ask the Holy Spirit to make any changes within you! Spending more time in His presence will give you the answer.

If you were unable to read the two chapters this week I wanted to make sure you read the example of someone taking love-inventory on page 49 —

“A little boy who had grown up in this kind of atmosphere and who had never heard his father or mother quarrel, never had heard a bitter word spoken in their home, went to live for a week with his aunt and uncle while the father and mother took a trip to a distant city.

For the first time in his young life he heard a man swear at his wife and the child listened in amazement and began to cry. His uncle took him in his arms and said, “Danny, what is the matter, dear?” The little boy, between sobs, said, “Uncle, I thought you loved Auntie.” The uncle said, “I do.” “Oh, no you don’t; you don’t love like Daddy does, or like Mamma loves. they never say bad words.” the man looked at the child and turned to his wife and said, “Dear, I guess we have missed a great deal in life, haven’t we?” You see, the man who misses love, misses the most beautiful thing that life has to offer.”

Let’s take a good look at our lives this week and make the decision to walk in love!


Pastor Lisa