The New Kind of Love: Chapters 9 & 10

Are you beginning to get what God is saying? You are a new creation with a new nature! You have God on the inside of you, that means you have His nature on the inside of you. His nature, His grace, His love, His Word, should dominate you, not your flesh.

Can you imagine what your relationship with your spouse could be if you truly walked in love. you are capable of it. “A home would never be destroyed if every member could be taught to take his place in love.” - p. 36 Love is the place where you dominate, the Word has authority, it is where faith functions. Love becomes a force to be reckoned with, it is unstoppable.

Jesus was the first man who ever walked in love

Stop singing the song of defeat and negativity and start singing the song of victory! “Oh the wonder of it, the thrill of it, the amazing grace of it - God in me! You have this, you can do it, you can walk in love.