The New Kind of Love: Chapters 17 & 18

The cross was Love’s method of war on sin.

The cross was Love unleashed, let loose, set free from every anchorage. It was Love becoming weak, and Love accepting defeat.


We don’t think much about the power of love and what it can do in our lives. We operate daily feeling like satan is always the victor. We typically feel, see, hear, and talk defeat more than we talk victory.

Just like love died on that cross, we too must die to self daily. It is what love does. It is our cross that we must pick up daily to follow Him. It can be a person, a hurt, a sickness, a pain, or anything that keeps you from freely operating in love. Yet, He has given us grace enough to sustain us, to cause us to be unshakeable, unmovable, and still lovable.

What do you do when grace is low? Get in the Word, spend time in His presence with praise and worship. As we fellowship with Him, grace is infused in our being. We come out like superman. We are no longer common, operating in the natural. We are supernatural operating in love.

We then become like Jesus, seeing others the way He does. Our thinking goes from “what can I get out of this”, to “what can I do for you?” If you want to change your circumstances, if you want to change you marriage, or your relationships with those you love, then you must walk in love.

This Jesus kind of love is the answer to the heart cry of childhood, of youth, of manhood, and of old age. p. 68