He restores sight to the blind

October of 2015 I lost my sight. An ophthalmologist in Waycross, Ga diagnosed me with a detached retina, macular degenerative, cataracts, and in-vitro eye bleeding from diabetes. In addition, I discovered in October 2017 that the pills I was given to replace the insulin injections damaged my kidneys. My doctor told me that I was in jeopardy of going on dialysis.  
Pastor Brian's testimony about his kidneys helped me, I didn’t accept the diagnosis that I was given about my kidneys. Instead, I prayed, fasted, and drank water and received a different diagnosis in December of 2017. The doctor told me although the scale that they use to rate the deterioration of the kidneys only goes up in my case the scale went back and stabilized.
There was still the matter of my eyes. The first eye doctor’s appointment was delayed due to the snow. It was at the rescheduled appointment that the doctor informed me that my retinas were not detached. Instead, there was blood in my eyes and there was hope. Long story short, the doctors volunteered all services, operated on my left eye. What they said would be 14 days to heal has taken less than a week. Plus, they are talking positively about working on the right eye in 6 weeks. This entire ordeal has taught me humility, patience, and that when you have adversity trust in the joy of the Lord. God is Good To Me!