Shoulder Completely Healed

On Wednesday afternoon of last week I began having a pain in my left shoulder that intensified as the day went on. By the time I got home around 4pm I could not raise my arm without using the right hand to do so. By bedtime I had used heat, ice, a TENS unit and pain meds. Nothing worked! Thursday was more of the same pain, only now it was throbbing. Friday morning I went to see my primary care doctor who sent me to an Orthopedics. There, they did an x-ray which revealed a large bone spur on my shoulder. He stated that he believed that due to the size of the bone spur my Rotator Cuff was probably damaged. An MRI was requested for the following week to determine the extent of any damage; So more waiting and pain increasing. I was sleeping for 20 min to an hour at a time. Sunday morning, after 2 more days of meds I was able to move a little, still pain. At the end of the 11 o'clock service there was a call for those with shoulder pain. I came and could not lift my left hand for prayer. After receiving prayer and before the service was finished I could lift my arm all the way. 100% range of motion with NO PAIN!!! By the way, They did the MRI Monday and I went to Orthopedics Wednesday to see the doctor for the results. No problems noted on the MRI.... PRAISE GOD!!