Love Like You've Never Been Hurt: Ch. 8

“I pronounce you husband and wife”. These words sound so good and yet the reality is that the battles begin with those words. The man of my dreams became the thorn in my flesh. The things I loved about him began to get on my nerves. Any one else feel the same way? It was at that point, I had a choice, stay unhappy or do something about it. You see, for us divorce was not an option so to be happy something or someone had to change.

Divorce is not an option

The thing to remember is that this is just a season not a life sentence. We are called to stick it out for better or for worse. That means we are to pray together, dream together, follow God together, raise kids together, and do life together. This doesn’t mean we can’t have our own hobbies or do things with friends (of the same sex), as long as we don’t neglect our spouses. God has a plan for every person and every marriage, don’t stop the plan by giving up.

There is a door of hope in every valley of marital trouble.

Pastor Kempie and I will celebrate 37 years of marriage this year. We have made it through the toughest seasons. Believe me, you learn to die to self! We have learned that God has the answer in every situation and if we look to Him to fulfill us, hold us, and give us wisdom, we will survive every season and grow closer to each other at the same time.

Jentezen Franklin gives 4 steps to follow if you are in that tough season:

  1. Go through the valley of trouble together

  2. Go deeper

  3. Believe in your destiny as a couple

  4. Don't give up

You have all you need - you are a child of God. Stay in His Word, spend time with Him. He will guide you, sustain you, and keep you as you walk through this difficult season. Don’t give up and stop the plan of God for your marriage.