The Blessed Life : Chapter 12

So many people have a wrong view of giving and to a large part, we the preachers are responsible for this. Yes, pastors want people to give. The church functions on giving; it pays salaries, electric bills, programs, aesthetics, benevolence, missions, and anything that allows the work of the Kingdom to run smoothly.

God wants us to give so that the local church can function but more importantly, He wants us to give because it changes our hearts. Giving is one of the most unselfish acts we can do. It is the ultimate “heart test”. Without a change of heart, blessing us would only harm us. Nothing God asks us to give could ever come close to what God has given for us.

This is the great paradox of living the blessed life: When we give without thought to whether or not we will receive, then we receive.

Our desire is that everyone could get a hold of “God’s guaranteed” path to financial success. This Sunday we will have an opportunity to participate in a giving challenge that will change lives forever! We can’t wait to give you more information this weekend.