The Blessed Life: Chapter 11

I hope by now you see how much God wants to bless you. Yet, He knows that if our selfish nature is not changed, blessing us will only cause us to be more selfish. Money is your test. Each time we get paid we are given a chance to show God how grateful we are.

  • A chance to give or to withhold

  • A chance to be free of selfishness or to hold on to it

  • A chance to be blessed or not

The choice is ours. God promises that if you give, He is going to bless you. Generosity is always rewarded.

Many people who intend to tithe and think they are, actually aren’t.

Ask yourself: Is generosity or selfishness the dominant force in my heart?

Look at your bank account to get the true answer. God wants to change our hearts and make us generous. Giving is the only way for real change to happen.