Two Kinds of Righteousness: Chapter 12-14

Online PDF :  pages 28-32

By now I pray that you are embracing who you are in Christ. Your position as a son or daughter of God, a joint heir with Jesus, and the temple of the Holy Spirit should give you a sense of freedom you never had before. With that freedom comes a sense of confidence. We are overcomers; we are victorious. God is our way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and our light in the darkness. 

You cannot fail

When we read the daring stories of the Old Testament characters, we get excited. And yet, they were under the Old Covenant. Their righteousness was granted to them with limits. We are not granted righteousness, we are made righteous. It is unlimited

Let's examine ourselves and make sure that we are not limiting our ability to walk in our righteousness. Take the limits off: Renew our minds by reading the Word and pray (or communicate) with God.