God is Provider

My year end bonus was approaching and my manager pulled me to the side before leaving the office to go over my performance for that quarter and also positive points and where I can improve. He started the conversation out with positive high notes and points and then went to where I can make improvements. All I was hearing and focused on was the improvements and I was starting to get a litttle discouraged and wondering how the meeting was going to end and where I was going to fall in the bonus pool. At the end of the meeting he handed me a sticky note with the amount of my bonus for the last quarter of 2017, I looked at it and had to take a second look. At first I thought it was $1300 dollars, second look I was almost in tears and over joyed! The actual amount was $13,000!!!!! But God!  2018 has started of as a year of blessing’s and financial stream lines for our family and we are only one and a half months into 2018. Our God is truly an amazing God!