Balm of Gilead: Chapters 9-12

“Lisa, Jesus Christ heals you.” Take my name out and put yours there. Sounds great doesn’t it? But I don’t feel healed, I don’t feel any different. I believe it but why hasn’t anything improved? Why the delay? Surely the Lord knows what I am going through? Surely he knows what will happen if he doesn’t heal me quickly?

Sometimes it feels as if we are the just like the disciples on the boat heading to the other side when a storm starts raging all around us. Our lives are shaken, our peace has been replaced with fear, our prayers don’t seem to be heard, and we cry out, “Jesus where are you?”. Many times we feel that he is asleep. (Oh, come on, you may not have said it but you’ve thought it!)

But as they cried out, Jesus stood up and rebuked the wind. That voice, those words changed everything. His voice is still speaking today through His Word, and as you speak the Word, that same power is there to change things.

if you have known what it is to have the tempest of sin, sickness, anxiety, or sorrow stilled by that voice, you know how great is the calm, how exquisite the relief, how unutterable glorious the deliverance that comes with His word of power. p. 244

Romans 4:18 TPT

Against all odds, when it looked hopeless, Abraham believed the promise and expected God to fulfill it.

The Weymouth translation says “under utterly hopeless circumstances…..”

And just like Abraham, we have to stand on the Word, whether anyone else is with us or not. Faith stands in the midst of all contradictions, all symptoms, and all reports. Faith stands because faith stands on the “forever settled” Word of God.