The Great Physician: Chapters 7-9

I love the way Dr. Yoeoman describes “giants” in our lives as bread. Caleb, when looking into the promised land didn't see giants that could overtake him. He saw bread that was meant for him to eat and devour. I can totally relate to that being on the Keto diet because whenever I see bread I want to devour it! We need to view our problems and anything that comes against us as bread and devour it. “Devour, eat up every difficulty and trial that comes your way. You will wax stronger and stronger.” p. 154

Gobble up one problem at a time. Chew on it, and spit it out! This will make you an overcomer. Faith mixed with praise will always result in victory. There comes a time when just like Hezekiah, you have to push everything else aside. “Every voice, every report, every symptom, every feeling, and face the wall.” The only place to look is in the face of Jesus - His Word. Then and only then does the phrase, “All things are possible” become a reality.

The Bible calls us joint heirs with Jesus and our job is to carry out the work of God on the Earth. We are to believe in the one and only true God and let nothing else shake us. Remember the song, “On Christ, the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand?” It is on that rock that you have been delivered from anything that resembles sickness or disease.

“On Christ, the Solid Rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand”

And it’s true: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Yahweh will be rescued and experience new life.”
— Romans 10:13 (TPT)

Today, I want to encourage you to call on the name of the Lord and begin to sing the song,” On Christ, the Solid Rock I stand!” Anything that is below that — guilt, condemnation, sickness, disease, and anything that kills, steals, or destroys: you have been delivered from. All of this, all other things, are sinking sand!

Start singing today and watch what God does.


Pastor Lisa