The Blessed Life: Chapters 7 and 8

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We all want to live in the blessing of God but we don’t make the necessary adjustments to allow God to bless us. We will have to get things in order, make adjustments in the way we handle money and the our attitude about money. Are we truly serious about obeying God in our finances?

Robert Morris talks about three steps that will position you to live the life of a giver:

  • Get out of debt

  • Never manipulate others

  • Give

God stands ready and willing to provide all of heaven’s help if only you will take a step of faith and begin.
— page 92

Giving locates our heart and is a key ingredient to what God wants to do in our lives. His heart becomes our heart which is the local church and souls.

As you read your Bible, just notice how much God talks about money, it might surprise you!