Why We Need The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Chapters 7 & 8

Thank you God that there will never be a cessation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts are given to the body of Christ to strengthen us and keep us solid in our walk with God. I cannot imagine trying to serve God without them. The power and presence of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to lift you up when you are down, to let you know that God hasn't forgotten you, and to give you the strength when you don't think you will make it one more day. 

"These gifts make you fit, firm, and unshakeable. They put you on your feet spiritually and lead you into new levels of spiritual maturity. Ultimately, these gifts will work to produce unimpeachable character in you...….." 

No matter what is happening in your life, you have a supernatural partnership with Jesus. Let's learn how to operate in the gifts with Him.