Why We Need The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Chapter 5

I can remember as a teenager wishing that I went to a "normal" church. You know the ones that sang a few songs, had a message, and then went home. No one dancing in the spirit, no one standing up speaking in a language no one knew, and no one falling on the floor when someone prayed for them. And yet, Paul says that the gifts of the Holy Spirit confirm the testimony of Jesus. 

These gifts confirm and prove that God is real and is in our very presence. These gifts not only authenticate his existence but they show his love for us. Paul says those in Corinth were "enriched, loaded, and mightily endowed with the gifts of the spirit." Because of these gifts, they knew Jesus as a healer and a miracle worker. 

Everything you’ve heard and believed about Jesus Christ has been authenticated, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, verified, and guaranteed to be true because of the gifts of the Spirit.
— 1 Corinthians 1:6 (Expounded)

Today, I am so thankful that I grew up in a "normal" church. You know, one that allows the Holy Spirit to have free reign. A church where people are saved, healed, and delivered. One that the very presence of God is tangible and those who walk in know and feel His presence. One that allows the freedom to run, dance, and sing of the goodness of our God. 

Let's step out in faith and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us to prove that Jesus of the Bible is still present and moving today.