The Human Spirit: Chapter 4

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Today, we're talking about continuing to develop our spirit man. So far we have learned the importance of the Word of God. 

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God
— Matthew 4:4

1. Meditate on the Word

2. Act on the Word.

3. Give first place to the Word.

The Word should be such a priority in our life that no matter what circumstance arises, our first response is, "what does the Word say?". When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, the first thing that came out of His mouth was the Word of God. When we are tempted we too should respond with the Word. 

Many times we want to talk it over with other people and get their advice regarding a situation or need. Instead, we should be so full of the Word that we know to run into the presence of God to get His advice and instructions. 

"If you gripe, complain, fuss, and fret, you're not going to get answers. That may be the reason your answer hasn't come yet - perhaps you are fretting about it. The Bible tells us to "Be careful for nothing"; or, as The Amplified Bible says, "Do not fret about anything" (Phil 4:6)" - page 53

Let's cast all our cares and worries on the Lord and take up the Word of God. Read it, meditate on it, and make it first in your life!