The Human Spirit: Chapter 2

With God all things are possible! Yes, that means our spirit man can grow and mature, no matter who you are, it is possible. How do we develop or mature our spirit man? The Word of God gives us the answer but it is up to us to do it.  

 ” We do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”      
— Mark 4:4

The Bible, the written Word of God, is our "spirit food." It nourishes, fortifies, and strengthens our spirits. Our spirit is the part of us that communes with or fellowships with God. we are never satisfied apart from God. Without a relationship and exchange with Him, giving and receiving love, we die. 

While working in the hospital, I watched a man die simply because he didn't have anyone in his life to feel love or give love to. Feeling all alone, he failed to live. While this is extreme, if we do not feed our spirit man, it to will die. We will fail to grow and mature and will remain immature or babies. 

Baby Christians are identified by their actions and their words. Salvation and baptism of the Holy Spirit should affect your body and your mouth. To begin developing or feeding our spirit man, we must first meditate on the Word of God. 


1. Read a verse or passage over and over

2. Begin to memorize all or part of it

3. Listen - quiet your heart to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through God's Word.

4. Consider how it fits with the rest of the Bible and life in general.

5. Become emotionally involved, allow yourself to feel what God feels, His desires expressed through His Words. 

6. Move from mediation to application - connect your thoughts to action. Consider how the truth an power of the Word of God should affect your behavior. 

- Andy Rue "How to Meditate on The Word" Charisma Magazine

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