Two Kinds of Righteousness: Chapters 4-6

What is righteousness? Let's take a trip back to the beginning, God created male and female in His image and placed them in the Garden of Eden. Life was perfect, God would visit them daily and talk with them. Nothing could be better, the temperature was perfect, the humidity was perfect, and no gnats! All of that changed because of one decision, one bite of forbidden fruit and sinned entered the world. 

Everything changed at that moment. There was now a barrier between us and God. we lost our right standing or our ability to stand in the presence of God. For the barrier to be gone, the price of sin had to be paid and until Jesus came we had a temporary solution. The blood of goats and sheep could only cover our sin and we needed our sins to be washed away permanently. 

For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost.
— Luke 19:10

Jesus came to pay the price for us to be able to stand in the presence of God once more.

what was saved:

  • our fellowship with the Father
  • our ability to be guiltless
  • our ability to be free of condemnation
  • our prosperity
  • our peace
  • our rest
  • our freedom

Our sins have been washed away, like they have never been there before, no scars, and made brand new.

If He, who had been spiritually dead and made sin with our sin, could be made Righteous and rstored to perfect fellowship with the Father, then on legal grounds God can recreate us and give us the same Righteousness and fellowship enjoyed by the Master.
— Two Kinds of Righteousness page 26


The roles have been reversed - Now Satan fears you!