Two Kinds of Righteousness: Chapters 9-10

Online PDF - pages 21-23

When we look at our world and all of its problems, we know that something needs to change. The only thing that will change it is an understanding of the amazing love of God. A love so amazing that God sent and Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sin. we have been washed clean, and have been recreated into something new.  A new kind of life.  We went from a sin nature to a nature of God.

How is this different?

Old Righteousness (Covenant)                                           New Righteousness (Covenant)

works                                                                                               grace

   limited                                                                                            unlimited

         servant                                                                                          son/daughter

"And my righteous ones shall live by faith"

Heb 10:38

Because of our right standing with God and our new nature, we can see God as a Father instead of a ruler/judge. He longs for our fellowship and He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. Fellowship with God should be an everyday part of your life. Wake up and talk to Him, talk to Him throughout the day, and let it be the last thing you do at night.