Right and Wrong Thinking: Chapter 2

Have you taken care of your "stickin thinkin?" I sure hope so. If not, then reread chapter 1!

Now that we have taken care of your thinking, lets start taking care of your believing. It is one thing to know what the Word of God says, but you also have to believe it. You have to believe that it is not only true, but that it applies to you. It has to move from your head to your heart and that is when you will start seeing the manifestation of what you are believing for. 

If you want to know what your heart believes, just record what comes out of your mouth. Your words are very revealing of what you actually believe. Remember the 10 spies who came back from spying out the Promised Land? Only 2 of them came back speaking truth and not fact. Are you speaking truth or fact? 

Don't forget to read it out loud and make it a family affair.

Pastor Lisa

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