The New Kind of Love: Chapters 5 & 6

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“Love is God’s adhesive power that binds us together” - page 23

Love binds us together with God, with our spouse, with our church, and with others. The enemy hates love and wants to separate us from love so that he can cause division in every area of our lives.

It’s important for us to know that it is not natural for our flesh to walk in love but when we were born again we were given a new kind of love. The ability to walk in this love doesn’t come from our mind or emotions but comes from our spirit.

Because the love of God hath been shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Spirit
— Romans 5:5

“There is no limit to love. I mean the Jesus-kind of love. It is of God. It is having God’s nature within us. As we learn to give love freedom, to develop it will unveil to us the ability of God to help men.” - page 24

As we choose to train ourselves to walk in love it will unveil to us this ability! We have the ability to love like Jesus, we just have to make the choice to walk it out in every area of our lives. I love the confession on page 25-

“I have God inside of me today. It is going to be easy to do my work because the Greater One is going to move through me today, act through me, love through me, speak through me. I will not be left alone to meet any crisis. He will be there to make me a success.”

I want to encourage you to confess this in the morning before you go to work and watch and see what God does in you and through you.

Let’s love like Jesus loves!


Pastor Lisa