Ep. 9 - When You're Doing Everything Right But Everything is Still Going Wrong

In this podcast you'll find out how to continue to believe God when it looks like everything around you is crumbling. When you are staring into the face of doubt due to your circumstances what do you do? Get ready for a podcast that will begin a series on the weapons of our warfare. 

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- The Faithful Shall Flourish: Jerry Savelle
LIFT series: Tony Cooke
- Rick Renner
's book: Dressed To Kill

Ep. 8 - Once Saved Always Saved?

"If I can't ever lose my salvation then I would have lost my freewill" - Pastor Lisa

This question seems to divide people and cause strife in many church circles. Pastors Lisa and Kempie give us their opinion based on God's Word and also encourage us to spend our time focusing on serving God and praying for others rather than debates and doctrines that can lead us astray. At the same time, this podcast will help you to have an answers for others who are questioning salvation. Find out more in episode 8! 

Ep. 6 & 7 - Resurrection Blood

Easter is the most significant event in human history whether you celebrate it the way Christians do or not. The day Jesus rose from the dead had an impact on the world. Not only did Jesus go from death to life, we too go from death to life when we surrender all to Him. But what does that look like for us. How are we to live that resurrected life? What does it mean to say, I have resurrection blood flowing through my veins? 

Thank you Cody Carnes for that amazing song. 

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Ep. 1 - Marriage & Relationships

Find out Pastor Kempie's worst mistake he ever made on valentine's day and also get some great advice for relationships! How to wait patiently for your future spouse, advice for dating relationships, and some great tips for married couples! 

Resources Mentioned
The Story of Marriage
Marriage Today - Jimmy Evans

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