Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry

Regardless if you have attended The Seed Church from the very beginning, if you've recently become a member, or if you are a friend of the ministry we'd love to hear your story of how God has used The Seed Church to impact your life. Thank you for being willing to share with us and allowing us to share with others all God has done!


The Seed Church Story

Interview by: Founding Pastor Datha Thomas

The Mustard Seed Faith Center began as a small bookstore birthed out of a young mother’s desire to provide a way for others to learn the Word of Faith and how to have in intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Little did she know, God was calling her to become a pastor. Against all odds, The Mustard Seed & Seeds of Faith Christian Bookstore was born. 40 years later, The Seed Church, now pastored by Lisa and Kempie Womble continues to provide a place where people can encounter God and be equipped through His Word to have the boldness to engage others.


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